In any competitive environment it is essential to challenge one's limits day by day, and that path can only be done by those who manage over time to instill a soul in the things they do.
Past SM System s.r.l. was founded in 2001 with the idea of designing and assembling laser systems for multiple applications in the industrial sector, such as welding, surface treatments, micromachining, marking and 3D printing. Thanks to the skills of the technicians of our research and development team, a few years later the company also specializes in the design of component assembly systems for small, medium and large industries. In 2004 it obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 Vision 2008 certification and subsequent amendments, demonstrating the desire to always seek the highest quality of the product at the customer's service.
Present Today, SM System, strengthened by a proven team of capable and efficient collaborators, has gone beyond its early missions by expanding its range of solutions with innovative test systems for online testing.This further step forward strengthens the company and places it among those capable of offering the customer a complete service, from design to testing.

Future The challenges that await us in the future are the stimulus for a renewed desire to invest in people and in the development of new ideas, capable of satisfying what is at the center of our efforts and attention: the customer.

Creativity, Ingenuity, Flexibility e Quickness

We have created a working environment where interactions promote creative thinking to come up with what your new invention needs to produce. We then have history combined with ingenuity to achieve what we thought. To meet the challenges that the market offers us, we are flexible in adapting to customer productions, quick and fast in action and in problem solving. Our "brains" are always connected and operative in the search for the best solutions to meet your business needs.






"Who is curious is not afraid of the future because opens himself to the change, to the ideas, to the innovation in a natural way."

In the business world, to make innovation today means investing in economic, cultural and social progress of your company. The benefits of this investment manifest themselves in a radical change of production processes, focused on the eco-sustainability, eco-responsibility and on the collective employee well-being. SM System, thanks to the professionalism of its technicians, produces cutting-edge solutions, suited to the needs of companies that are looking for effectiveness in their production processes. We have a wide range of products. A reservoir of experiences, from which to draw in order to develop the ideas of the future. Our mission is to solve a problem starting from the accumulated practice and from the projects made over the decades, to satisfy any need in the field of automation and laser systems. In a complex context such as that of the industrial sector, we have decided to face the challenges through a systemic approach, a procedure able to relate all the variables present in a strategic and elaborate process such as the ours and create a product capable completely to the customer's needs. Thanks to the continuous training of our technicians, SM System is able to offer an inclusive service ranging from sales to after-sales assistance.

We think, design and implement innovation.


"Leaders create leaders transferring responsibility and instilling trust."

Sharing creates company spirit and increases the knowledge. Knowledge raises the quality of man. The conscious man participates to the creative process and transforms it into value. The growing evolution of the tech world pushes man to a level of knowledge increasingly vast. To share these experiences means going beyond the potential of the individual. A collaborative context is created in our company made of human relationships that enhance the technical skills of each to the service of an overall better result. This, from the point of view of productivity, makes the difference. SM System bases its own working process on the centrality of teamwork. The entrepreneurial philosophy is based on fundamental pillars such as the interdependence, to do your job well it is necessary that others can do theirs well; the communication, a constant dialogue between employees and the company spreads awareness among the staff; the creativity, participate in something important and new stimulates curiosity and promotes a good company climate. SM System is a company flexible, therefore capable of responding to all business needs; dynamic, ready to grasp all the innovations that technology offers us; precise, therefore rigorous throughout the industrial process; eco-sustainable, therefore in harmony with the environment around us.

Quality of thought, high quality of action.


"We are not alone, everyone is involved in our projects, customers included."

Providing solutions is our job. The customer is our priority, his satisfaction is our greatest gratification. SM System offers a total and inclusive service that starts from the analysis of the problem and, through design, reaches the production and the test of products useful for its resolution. It is an efficient and dynamic 360 ° service, able to cover all the attention the customer needs. To complete the problemsolving process, we offer a careful and precise after-sales service that guarantees rapid and competent answers. Satisfy and assist the customer are our greatest challenges. To win them we have invested huge resources in the training of our collaborators. Their preparation is the first guarantee to be able to carry out these two great tasks. A capable staff characterized by strong technical and human relationships is the added value of our quality system.

People and efficiency at the customer's service


"Ecology is the science that studies the relationships of an organism to the environment in which it lives, which for us humans means first of all our body, but also the habitat in which we live and the human and value ecosystem in which we integrate and work towards the development of our ideas and talents."

It is the responsibility of all of us to adopt daily habits that safeguard the environment in which we live. Whether it is a private home or an industrial warehouse, we have a duty to reduce consumption and waste. Eco-sustainability has always been an important issue to which SM-System is particularly careful. The company has been committed to this, since its foundation, with concrete and effective actions. Our commitment is aimed at limiting the environmental impact of our production processes. The first criterion we have adopted is undoubtedly that of raising awareness among our employees. The importance of adopting eco-responsible behaviors, not only in one's workplace but also in one's homes, becomes a lifestyle that characterizes all of us. SM-System has adopted measures aimed to electricity consumption and CO2 emissions reduction through the integration of solid-state laser sources and energy recovery control systems. Over the decades, the company has made large investments and continues to make them to support the environment and pride itself on being one of the green companies in this territory.

We protect the environment and the health of our employees.

Stay very close to your customers, so close that you can tell them what they need before they even realize it themselves.

Steve Jobs